What are Roles and Functions of Spokesperson

In the present world in which almost everything is becoming media-sensitive, the need for professionals to make public announcements for organizations is increasing. These professionals are called spokespersons. A professional company spokesperson must have acquired formal training in public relations, journalism, public affairs and communications. Spokespersons are skilled in making public announcements in the most appropriate style via the most appropriate media. With their skills, they are able to disseminate information to the public in ways that will yield positive impacts and responses from the target audience. A seasoned spokesperson can feature on the radio, as a radio spokesperson or on the tv, as a tv spokesperson.

Roles and Functions of a Spokesperson

1. Advertising/Marketing

A company spokesperson promotes the company’s brands or services in a heart-warming manner, in a way that will win the hearts of the consumers. He or she will convince the customers to patronize the company for their products or services.

2. Products/Services Launching and Exhibition

When there is need to launch or showcase a new product or service, it is the role of the company spokesperson. He/she must have a deep knowledge of the features of the product or service, and be prepared to handle any challenging questions in a professional manner.

2. Damage Control

In case the company image is being damaged, a professional company spokesperson is skilfull to erase the blemish and reclaim the positive image of the company in the public.

3. Emergency

In times of crises or emergencies such that the company has to go to the public and debate a boiling issue, an adept spokesperson will confidently face the public or government and defend the company’s integrity by providing vivid answers to the unresolved queries.

4. Announcements

It is the normal function of a spokesperson to make regular announcements as regards the company’s activities and events.

A company spokesperson discharges his/her duties in many ways, by giving speeches, answering questions or making statements via media interview, press release, social media posts, private and public meetings, press conferences, government hearings etc. In spite of the opinions or interests of the company spokesperson, his/her role is to discharge the given duties as directed by the employer, and with the expected outcomes.