Why You Need Japan Data Sim Card For Tourist

Most tourists who visit Japan for the first time always report access to internet connection as a big problem. Japan is a bit different from most countries in the world when it comes to purchasing a sim card. This is because, unlike many countries where visitors are allowed to grab a prepaid sim cards to use, in Japan that is not the case. Government restrictions for nonresidents have made access to internet, voice and messaging very expensive and a subject to time restrictions. additionally not all mobile handsets are able to work in Japan and those that are able to work, can’t work with all network carriers. For this reason, Japan data sim card for tourist is not only important for any tourist but also very essential if you need to stay online everywhere you go and remain connected. Research done by Japan government showed that out of the 28.6% visitors who tried purchasing a sim card in 2015 only 13.2% were able to.

Japan has 3 main cellular network service providers; Softbank, NTT DOCOMO and AU which uses 3G/CDMA, and LTE network which therefore means that these networks are limited to some compatibility with some international mobile phones. The challenge that many tourists who visit Japan experience are that this networks do not sell the stand-alone sim cards to them and therefore if you need to have a sim card to any of the three networks you have to sign a 2 years contract to purchase a sim card locked smartphone.

Although you can access internet in some places in Japan, Japan data sim card for tourist is equally important for you to remain connected and have internet access anywhere you go. Tourist and visitors can get this sim cards at any airport in Japan. However, you will require having an unlocked phone to use this sim card which is valid for one week to a month. Therefore if you a planning to be online at your visit, Japan data sim card for tourist is all that you need.